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A FULL-SERVICE Fire Protection Company

Weaver Fire Protection Services (WFPS) is a fire protection company that delivers quality fire protection

systems and solutions. We protect lives and property while providing an exceptional value to our customers. This is accomplished by the focus and delivery of the WFPS values: integrity, commitment, professionalism, quality, and safety.

Our Mission

Quality solutions for the protection of lives and property, providing an exceptional value to our customers.

Our Values

Integrity | You can trust us to be people of integrity. We’ll do the right thing even if it hurts. We build trust by producing quality and excellence. No one worries that we won’t deliver the highest quality. We build trust by our commitment. Everyone knows that we will keep our word. We build trust through our professionalism. Our team is recognized by customers and our competitors, as one of the most professional in the industry. We build trust by our commitment to safety. After all, we’re dedicated to protecting lives and property.

Quality | Quality drawings, quality solutions, quality ideas, the quality people we hire, and quality jobs we produce.

Safety | Our employees work in a safe, drug-free, and risk-free environment where they can go home at the end of the day the same way they came to work that morning. It’s a simple and straightforward value, but it’s very important to us.

Professionalism | It is exemplified in the way we treat our customers and peers and conduct business... give what you expect to receive!

Commitment | Commitment to the company, your branch, your job, sticking out the tough times; to us it means stepping up and being willing to give 120% whenever asked.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • American Fire Sprinkler Association


We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with any of your fire protection needs. As your fire protection contractor, we will collaborate and work with you to find solutions to your specific applications. Please feel free to contact us about your residential, industrial or commercial fire protection needs. We will provide a no-obligation consultation, survey or solution.




Safety is not just a priority, it's one of our values

The reason is simple. Our work environment changes daily; VALUES do not. We respect safe work practices & strive to send our employees home every day better than they arrived.

We actively work with our employees to prevent accidents through training, audits & wellness.



  • Stretching & Wellness

  • New Hire Orientation

  • Required Annual Training

  • Task Specific Training

  • Weekly Toolbox Tasks

  • Job Site Safety Analysis

  • Spanish Translation of Programs & Policies


We complete the STEPS to:

  • Train each employee

  • Be accountable for workplace safety

  • Pre-plan projects to reduce incidents, injury and illness

  • Enforce safe work practice as a shared responsibility

  • Investigate any unsafe incident, & correct the action to prevent re occurrence

  • Our STEPS help protect our employees and those around us.


Industries Served

  • Residential

Our Systems protect some of the largest and most challenging structures in the US. More importantly, we understand that none of that matters when compared to your home. That is why we put our experience and expertise to work on an individual level.

Our Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems are:

  • Safer fire service – The risk for firefighters decreases when home fire sprinkler systems are in use because sprinklers reduce the intensity of the fire by dousing the flame earlier.

  • Fast response to your residence – Modern residential sprinklers are designed to respond to fire faster than commercial or industrial sprinkler systems, because they are more sensitive to heat.

  • Aesthetically pleasing – Residential fire sprinklers are smaller and less conspicuous than commercial or industrial types. Color options are available.

  • Reliable – Sprinkler systems exceed a 95 percent “failsafe” status in laboratory testing. Sprinklers are individually activated.

  • Investment protection – Sprinklers can prevent devastating home damage by extinguishing flames quickly. Sprinklers can limit the damage caused by smoke and fire and are less damaging than water damage caused by firefighting hose lines.

  • Simple installation – Installing a home sprinkler system to a home that is under construction or being remodeled requires minimal extra piping and labor and greatly increases the safety of residents.

  • Retrofitting - Although slightly more complicated then installing in new construction, we are also experts at retrofitting a sprinkler system into your home to give you and those you care about the protection needed in the case of a fire.

  • Low water requirement – Residential fire sprinklers can be connected to the domestic water supply and require less water than commercial and industrial systems.

  • Low cost – A sprinkler system costs about as much as upgraded cabinets or carpet.

  • Lower insurance – Installing a sprinkler system has the potential to lower insurance rates.


Installing a residential sprinkler system in your new home is easily the most effective and affordable way to protect you and the people you care about most.

Find out how easy it is to put a sprinkler system in your home - get a free no-obligation quote.



  • Commercial

Protecting Life and Property in Challenging, Changing Environments

Commercial properties are in a constant state of flux – from tenant turnover and other troubles to unending repairs and remodels – so we make sure your commercial fire protection is not something you have to worry about.

How? As leaders in the fire protection industry, we have the experience and expertise when it comes to protecting commercial property. We understand and appreciate the changing demands of your facilities and can provide a full range of commercial fire protection services:

  • Fire suppression system design and installation

  • Fire sprinkler system design and installation

  • Fire alarm system design and installation

  • Inspections, service, and repair

  • Audits and evaluations

We have the expertise when it comes to fire protection for commercial buildings. Our broad experience allows for the engineering, layout and installation of cost-effective solutions specific to these types of challenging environments. We know that your commercial property means a lot to you. We have the staff and service department that is completely capable of helping you protect it.

Get a No-Obligation Consultation for your commercial fire protection services.

Who We Are

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